Plot No.966, Door No.35, First Floor, Dr.Lakshmanaswamy Salai , K.K.NAGAR WEST 600078 Chennai IN
Plot No.966, Door No.35, First Floor, Dr.Lakshmanaswamy Salai , K.K.NAGAR WEST Chennai, IN
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About us

Our Story: Humble Origins
Sometimes a small idea can transform into something that exceeds all expectations. Four years ago a bunch of new mothers found support and camaraderie in a secret Facebook group. They discussed everything under the sun - from pacifying colicky babies to pursuing their career after maternity. Women who had tasted financial independence were eager to start home-based businesses that would allow them time to balance work and family. Ideas were exchanged and the sisterhood of mothers gave birth to its first ever Kadaiveedhi.

Go Shopping
Kadaiveedhi literally means a street full of shops in one of the world's oldest spoken languages in practice, Thamizh! True to its name, Kadaiveedhi brings an interesting and unique array of shops - from jewelry, clothing to spice powders, baked goodies and the list goes on. Due to the overwhelming response that the first Kadaiveedhi event received, a second event was subsequently organized. Everything about Kadaiveedhi from stalls, advertising, exhibitions and cash collection is manned and managed by moms.

Going Digital
Since the origin of the group was digital and Kadaiveedhi the event was a face to face market place, it was but natural to start this e-shop. adds a level of sophistication and provides a platform for mompreneurs to list and sell their products, services, and events online.                       

Our Achievements
The first Kadaiveedhi event was held in July 2016 featuring 15 sellers. The next event was held in January 2017 featuring 20 sellers. These two events together have managed to garner a lot of interest among the press. The third Kadaiveedhi was a grand event featuring over 40 sellers. Many more to come!