Child Education Planning

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Selecting an insurance policy for children is one of the best ways to secure their future. It provides them with the required economic support. Child plans primarily aid in higher education and marriage expenses. In case of loss of the main breadwinner, a child plan can remarkably safeguard the child's future. It is difficult for us to think long-term when we all crave for immediate benefit. However, investing small amounts regularly in a Child Plan will never hurt your immediate needs, but will definitely help you secure your child's future. In short, life can be simpler and more comfortable with a little foresight.

Any parent that loves their child dearly will not want to see their child's future dreams shatter due to unforeseen situations.

As your personalized Financial Advisor, I care for your family as much as you do.

Prices mentioned are for monthly premiums and are purely indicative. Life insurance premiums are dependent on the Age of the insurer and the Sum Assured.

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