Dhinam-Solid Fabrics COMBO#8TissueOG


DHINAM -Everyday Elegance, is an in-house brand from Archana Priyadarshini.Whilst already in the market of customised embroidered blouses LABEL AP had extended its services for the readymade blouses in the brand name DHINAM.Curated catering to today’s need of readymade blouses for all fits and sizes. As the name indicates the products are handmade to be versatile for everyday and reason.

Product Details:

Material:Tissue Blend material

Quantity:1.5metre each of Orange,Green


Fabrics have a tendency to reflect different shades of colour under various settings.

We at label Archana priyadarshini explore and choose varied materials for “DHINAM” collections hence lets all unanimously follow low heat settings,gentle or dry wash only depending on the material.

The order value includes a nominal refundable shipping charge

Pls allow max of 15 working days for dispatch.