Farm To Home - Homemade Organic Spice Powders

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Do you know Spice powders are the most adulterated thing that goes into our daily food?

Indian food is all about the variety of spices used. Unfortunately, the purity of the spices you buy is becoming a matter of concern. Adulteration, especially in spices, is very common. It is very easy to mix sub-standard materials to powdered condiments and you may never know. Brick powder, saw dust, chalk powder, starch, synthetic colour dyes and even horse dung 😕 are few of the adulterants added to spice powders along with preservatives and additives. It's always better to avoid packed spice powders considering all these hazards.

On request from our beloved customers, Farm To Home brings you 10+ varieties of Organic fresh homemade spice powders - sun dried and dry roasted to perfection for your day to day cooking. Book your packs right away not only for a wholesome cooking experience but also it is healthy in all means!!😊👍

Available Spice Powders:

  • Cumin, red chilli, coriander,  turmeric,fennel  - 100g  75/-   (Each)
  • Sambar powder,  rasam powder, garam masala , mixed masala - 100g  85/-   (Each)
  • Pepper powder 100g  125/-
Red Chilli Powder
Coriander Powder
Cumin Powder
Fennel Powder
Pepper Powder
Sambar Powder
Rasam Powder
Mixed Masala
Garam Masala
Turmeric Powder