Grandma's Love Charcoal Bath Scrub

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Product Description:
  • Enjoy smooth and silky skin with Charcoal Bath Scrub by scrubbing away impurities and allowing smoothening and softening of the skin.
  • Use Charcoal Bath Scrub for complete dead cell exfoliation and to emerge with beautiful and healthy looking skin.
  •  Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin.
  • Helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne.


  • Store this product in the refrigerator.
  • Take care to ensure that water droplets do not enter the product tube or bottle.

How to Apply:

  • Wet the skin with warm to hot water for 5 minutes to open and soften skin pores.
  • Apply the scrub in a circular motion by maintaining a gentle pressure as to let the scrub get gently absorbed into the skin.
  •  Rinse using lukewarm water.
Shelf Life :
  • Charcoal Bath Scrub comes with a shelf life of 3 months.

Q- factor :

  • Natural ingredients blended with care to make your skin supple and soft


  • Aloe vera, Agar-agar extract 2%, Apricot, Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal, Lemongrass extract, olive oil 0.15%
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