Kadaiveedhi Beauty Pre-wedding Bridal Package

Pay: ₹5,656.00

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Product Description: 
  • Full body massage
    • Reduces muscular pain and spasms
    • Increases flexibility
    • Improves posture
    • Improves immune system function
    • Relieves tension headaches and migraine pain
    • Improves digestion
  • Full body Polishing
    • Body polishing helps exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells.
    • This brings up the fresh healthy cells and makes you look young and attractive.
    • Body polishing also promotes new cell growth.
    • You can luxuriate in the feeling of soft, supple skin.
    • With body polish, your skin feels moisturized and hydrated.
    • Body polishing also acts as a cleanser, helping remove oil and dirt from your skin.
  • Face and neck detan
    • This facial is suitable for oily skin
    • Removes tan and offers uniform glow.
    • A promise of pure, moist nourished skin that you will totally love.
  • Gold/Skin Lightening facial
    • This facial suitable for all skin types. 
    • Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Spots can be reduced
    • Stimulates the skin cells
    • Premature aging of the skin can be prevented
    • Gold can lighten the complexion
    • Collagen depletion is slowed down
    • Sun damage can be treated
  • Duration: 5hrs
  • These services are available only in chennai
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  • Enter your details, choose the preferred service,  a date and time of your choice.  
  • You have now made a provisional booking.
  • You will receive an email once the appointment has been confirmed by the Beautician.
Services avaliable only for women