Lakshadhika Herbals-Babies Kit


Babies are god's gift to the world. They are pure, totally untouched by the idiosyncrasies of the human race. They are completely at peace with whatever goes on with them, around them. Which makes us, the parents, totally responsible for every aspect of their daily lives. Their food, clothes, hygiene, are 100% our choice. 
Such purity requires very careful, yet simple maintenance. Lakshadhika is very proud to present its baby kit, full of natural goodness, guaranteed to safeguard your baby's tender skin. These products are ideal for newborns toddlers, boys and girls alike.
Made from natural ingredients, and freshly milled oils and powders, each and every component carries the lakshadhika stamp of authenticity. They are ideal for gifting purposes as well. The pack consists of a head massage oil, a body massage oil, a special herbal bath powder, a pack of Kajal and a decongestant rub. 
Herbal bath powder 100grm
Head bath oil 100grm
Baby massage oil 100grm
Vapour rub 30 grm
Kajal 8 grm
Price 1800