Lakshadhika Herbals - Fancy Feet Footcare Kit - Combo


Are you in the possession of two painful feet? Cracked heel troubling you all the time? Dry tanned hard skin disturbing you on a daily basis? 
We have the perfect panacea. Presenting the latest in the Lakshadhika inventory, our Fancy Feet Foot Care Kit. Designed to be the perfect home pedicure kit, this kit will cleanse, heal, soothe and smoothen your feet, within minutes. 
The Dead Sea mud foot cleanser helps in detoxing the skin and is known to treat cracked heels and soothes muscular pains. 
The Acaiberry and Pumice exfoliator effectively cleanses the feet of dirt and germs and removes dead cells and enhances blood circulation, so that healthy skin tissues form quickly. 
Acaiberry based Foot crystal is antioxidant rich, which is rich in vitamin A and C. This combination is excellent for anti ageing, skin brightening and enhances collagen production. And voila, soft supple and healthy feet done and dusted. 
To preserve the healthy cells in the feet, the Turmeric Cream is the crown on the head. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of turmeric assures you that cracked rough heels are virtually nonexistent. 
Your search for fancy feet ends here.