Lakshadhika Herbals - Raspberry, Cranberry And Coffee Exfoliator


Exfoliation is an effective method to cleanse the skin and to open up clogged pores. A good exfoliator, in effect, scrubs off the dead cells, opens up pores, so that our skin feels soft, smooth, and refreshed. But not all skins can withstand the effects of an exfoliating scrub. Sensitive skin types will have inflammation and irritations if the exfoliator is harsh. 
Keeping this in mind, Lakshadhika has come up with a special exfoliating scrub, which suits even sensitive skin types. Formulated with a unique blend of raspberry, cranberry and cucumber extracts, and blended with mocha coffee grinds, this scrub can exfoliate effectively and also prevent the skin from skin irritations. Raspberry extracts provide anti-inflammatory-like benefits.  
The natural acids in cranberries help prevent dead skin cell accumulation and excess oil build up. This is superb for rough, dry, or dull skin complexions. 
Cucumber extract helps to soothe inflammation, improves blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, puffiness, cellulite formations, and leaves behind a youthful, radiant skin.
With this magic blend, you are ensured of radiant supple skin, without the harshness or chaffing. So give your face and body the luxury treatment of our latest creation right away