MM's Veg Sausage

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Our chef has created the Veg Sausage with high protein and fibre ingredients.  The sausage contains about 22 ingredients, with major ones being Green Moong, Rajma (Red Kidney Beans) and Chick Peas (white Channa).  Contains a lot of herbs and Chia Seeds.

Highly recommended to give yourself a healthy start in the morning or at any time of the day.  Our Veg Sausage just doesn't tickle your taste buds, but it also provides all the required proteins and fibre.

Order the Veg Sausage now and call our store on 044-48619080 to confirm your pick up time.  Sausage will be kept ready at the time you mention (for takeaway or to enjoy in-store).  Two pieces of Veg Sausage will be served with fresh veggies and sauces.