Nayaa Organics-Face Serum-Facial Serum-10 ml

Description of product

Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin type

Ingredients Used:

Tea tree essential oil, Jojoba essential oil, Rose essential oil, Virgin Olive oil, Lavender essential oil, etc,


Formulated for men & women with luxury essential oils like tea tree oil, olive oil, jojobo oil, lavender oil, rose oil

No added chemicals

Acne free look - Fights acne bacteria, calm redness, swelling & irritation

Stops recurring acne & helps to remove tag

Contains Vitamins & Minerals that are great for treating various skin problems

Helps to keep skin moisture & look youthful

Facial Cleanser - Detoxifies skin, relief sun burn, treats dark patches, =& clears dark spots

Glow, clean & clear skin - Regular use helps minimise fine lines, wrinkles, heal scars & fade stretch marks

Shelf Life:

3 Years