Description of product


Red Chilli Powder is used widely in Indian cuisine to make food spicier. From curries, gravies, kebabs to biryanis, this is a must-have spice on every shelf. It’s also used to make marinades for paneer. The intense flavour and pungency adds a lot to a dish. This is rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C , Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and carotene besides minerals such as iron, magnesium, and potassium.T he primary bioactive plant compound in red chillies which is called capsaicin is the reason for the taste and health benefits. These include better heart health, promoting better digestion, bringing down pain and boosting metabolism.



  • Reduces inflammation and pain associated with arthritis, psoriasis, and diabetic neuropathy.
  • Can battle fungal infections, cold and flu viruses.
  • Relieves joint pain and migraines.
  • High in potassium, these support heart health.
  • Helps burn up calories and promotes weight loss.
  • Soothes an upset stomach, reduces intestinal gas and cures diarrhea.
  • The vitamin C in this boosts immunity.