Sidda Sanna raw rice is a farmer developed rice variety developed by expert organic farmer and seed saver Bore Gowda. 
What are farmer developed varieties?
Expert farmers who grow traditional varieties and are involved in seed conservation keep a sharp watch on their fields to verify the growth of their plants and plant characteristics etc. They are also on the look out for different looking plants. They do find those, found check with other experienced farmers if the changeling in their field is a known variety. They may chose to grow it out depending on if it is a valuable variety. If they find that the different looking plants do not correspond to known varieties, they try to grow out the variety in the subsequent seasons. They harvest the seeds separately and plant it again. After a few seasons the traits of the new variety stabilize and the farmer assesses the properties of the variety and also checks out the rice quality.
If the variety has interesting properties, has good rice quality he/she would consult other farmers and agriculture experts and decide to name it and a farmer developed rice variety emerges. Sidda Sanna was developed by Bore Gowda through a similar process over many seasons of trial and error and continued and persistent effort. He named the variety Sidda Sanna after his father Sidda Gowda and mother Sannamma.
Sidda Sanna is a small, fine grained rice, similar to Sona masuri, it is gaining in popularity with organic farmers and consumers in Karnataka. This rice is good for puliyogarai, vangi baath, lemon rice and is easy to cook.
Please try out Bore Gowda’s labour of love!