Come back after your baby's birth to help you unwind mentally and also get back in shape to a healthy body and mind through our postnatal yoga classes. Healthy body and mind for healthy parenting.

Give Birth Naturally Maternity Wellness Studio is run by Sripadma Ganapathi, a certified birth educator and Hypnobirthing practitioner from the UK, a mother of one and a strong advocate of natural birth and women's choices in birth. She got into educating couples after her own Hypnobirthing experience of birthing her son. You can know more about Give Birth Naturally by clicking on our name above.

No. of Sessions: 10
Venue: Give Birth Naturally Maternity Wellness Studio, Adyar, Chennai

What do you learn in our Postnatal Yoga Classes?

  • Pranayama exercises
  • Gentle abdominal workout
  • Asanas for core strengthening
  • Asanas for thighs and hip toning
  • Gentle asanas for neck and shoulder
  • Asanas to increase breastmilk supply
  • Exercises to avoid post-partum depression