Primary Consultation Regarding Property

Description of product

Primary consultation is only a suggested course of action which will be done along with clarification of doubts. We are here to hear you. Talk to us about your property issues, how to transfer the property to your loved ones, know about your property title, how to write a will, legal opinion on the title of the property, documentation and take an informed decision. 

We shall assist you with the suggested course of action, the Jurisdiction of the Court/property, time span, stamp duty and registration charges. If you wish to engage us as your attorney, we shall let you know the cost of the course of action and the stages of payment through email.

  • On the telephone: 30 minutes
  • In person consultation: 1 hour (available only in Chennai)
  • Any extension beyond 15 minutes will be charged additional
  • Upon payment of the primary consultation fee, a link will be sent to you via email to choose your convenient time slot. This can be rescheduled to a mutually convenient time if necessary.
  • Payment once made will not be refunded.