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How to Register:

1. Enter the number of stores you wish to register. 

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3. Check out! (When prompted for shipping address, please enter the address where the digital display has to be delivered. If the displays have to be delivered at multiple stores, our team shall coordinate with you over a call) 

Terms & Conditions 

Period of contract: 18 months from the date of complete installation.

Termination: 2 months' notice by both the parties to terminate the contract.

UNLOC's commitment

  • Digitize your in-store customer experience.
  • Market your brand as a voice for locals.
  • List your business on
  • Recognise you in ONE other Rateyfieds retail store.

Retailer's commitment

  • Space of installation of digital display on a mutual agreed space & providing electricity connection for the display.

UNLOC's responsibility

  • Shall ensure there is no damage caused in the premises for the purpose of installation.
  • Shall be solely responsible for the installation, maintenance and repairs of the digital display.
  • Shall not display any political, anti-national or prohibitory content.
  • Shall be responsible for all the content that are displayed.
  • Shall ensure no competitive products are displayed in the digital display.

Retailer's responsibility

  • To keep the display board on “ON” mode during the working hours of the premises
  • Electricity supply/inverter is available at all possible times
  • Shall ensure that the digital display are not manhandled by any of the customers or the members of the organization.
  • Shall intimate about the change of ownership, permanent closure of the business in the specified premises.
  • Shall intimate about the temporary closure of business for 7 days or more.
  • Shall co-operate with the installation team to fix the digital display at the earliest.

All disputes shall be resolved through mediation.

**You agree to the above terms and conditions upon checking out**