Description of product

Coconut clay facial cleanser

How about some luxurious face wash with a perfect concoction of coconut milk, clay and herbs :). It does not just remove dirt and clear pores but also provides deep nourishment to skin during every wash.

It is made of coconut milk powder, kayolin clay, turmeric, rose , sandalwood, ashwagantha, vettiver  and essential oils of rose geranium. 
Fatty acids in coconut milk prevents wrinkles, fine line, age spots and deeply conditions skin. 
Kayolin clay is very gentle exfoliator suitable for dry sensitive skin as well. It gently absorbs dirt, leaving a soft glowing skin. It prevents break outs as it regulates excess oil secretion. 
Rose , sandalwood, ashwagantha, vettiver , turmeric promote a healthy glowing skin. 
To use: take a pinch of powder mix with water , massage on wet skin and rinse. 
Weight : 50gms
Price : 270rs